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my monologues

Original monlogues that I've written and performed for assorted classes, seminars and coaching sessions. Feel free to use them if you wish.

  • Mr. Biddle - Mr. Biddle, age 60, has been arrested by police on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes and possible child molestation. He sits alone in an interrogation room. Two detectives enter and begin to question him. He responds.
  • William Pettigrew - Confederate soldier William Josiah Pettigrew sits alone in his camp, keeping company only with a small fire and his tin cup of coffee. He observes a lone soldier, apparently lost and separated from his unit, pass by.
  • Clint Beckler - He'd love to sell you the castle of your dreams, but not until you've heard his spiel. Brace yourself and be sure to take his card on your way out.


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